I Got Rejected At Job Interviews Continuously For A Year

Basically, when I was doing my business administration level 2 course in college, I was desperately looking for a part time job that I could juggle around college. Y’know, just wanted to make my own money and all.

Well, I was applying for jobs every week on apps and sending CVs off. I got called up for some interviews and obviously was unsuccessful but there was one ”reason” that really got me.

I went for an interview at a food and drink (alcohol) place that I will not name. The job was to literally just clean the place before it opens in the mornings. It was 2 hours before I started college and I had time to get changed and go to college. They were super jolly with me and then when they asked me what I was doing in college, it just went downhill from there really. I was turned away, there and then, and when I asked ”That’s absolutely fine but could I possibly know why?”… I was expecting them to say ”The position has been filled” or something like that. But instead, she turns to me and says ”You’re great. You’re just over qualified for this job”.

I just politely said thank you and left and then I got half way up the road and that’s when I got angry but in my head. How can you be over qualified? The job was literally to clean the place ready for when customers arrive… Surely if I thought I was overly qualified I would have gone and gotten another job somewhere but obviously that didn’t occur to her that maybe I was there because I was rejected for the jobs I was ”correctly qualified” for.

I’m not even kidding you though, the following week, I had an interview somewhere else, for a job I was qualified for but they said I didn’t have enough experience. Now, I was 17 at the time, so unless they want to count when I was a toddler playing with my cashier retail set my parents got me for Christmas, I don’t think I would have 13 years bloody retail experience.

How I see it is that companies/ businesses seriously underestimate young people. We go to college, even university but what for? So that we then apply for the jobs we studied super hard to qualify for and then get rejected for not having enough experience? How are we meant to have experience if people don’t give us a chance to get that experience that we so need to actually get jobs?

Okay, so maybe I’m ranting a bit but surely I’m right though? Young people need to be given more chances to work. All I’m saying.


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