Bye Bye Hair | Hair Updates June 2017

After many attempts are sorting my hair out from the tangled mess it had become. I made a drastic decision to just cut everything off.

I finally came to the conclusion that there was just no way I was gonna be able to save my hair. It was tangled to the point it was just this one huge dreadlock. Did I go to the hairdresser? No. I decided to just cut my hair super short at home. I basically have this weird relationship with hairdressers, like, I don’t trust people with my hair easily but then I’m the sort of person that as soon as I start going to one hairdresser, that is the only one I go to. I haven’t really looked in my area properly for a new hairdresser since my previous one moved their business to the city. I should probably start asking for recommendations.

I’m super sad that I lost all the hair length that took me a year and a half to grow but at least this way my hair will grow healthy (until I screw it up again because I never learn). If you’re new to my blog, basically what happened was that for years and years (about 8), I crazily bleached my hair at home loads and loads and then dyed it with super bright colours like red, blue, purple, pink, green and so on. So my hair was already damaged but I gave it a 9 month break during pregnancy (it stayed dark brown during this time). Then, 3 months after I gave birth, I decided it would be a good idea to get my hair permed because y’know, ”momma gonna have no time for hair business”… Well, little did I know 4 days later I was gonna be rushed to A&E and have to stay in hospital for emergency surgery and then stay there for a week, unable to brush my friggin’ hair. In case you don’t know, permed hair needs to be brushed through regularly with a curl comb and need extra care taken. Because I couldn’t brush my hair in hospital because of not being able to move out of bed without help and being tubed up through veins I didn’t even realised were there, my hair turned into this one huge dreadlock.

Part of me is so glad it’s all gone though. I wore a hat for months to cover up the mess it was in the hopes that with time and the right products, I would be able to save it. But there’s was no saving it.

I will be dying it again, yes. But during the repair process I have planned for my hair, I will only be dying my hair with chemical-free hair dyes so that it doesn’t go super dry.

One thing that I have forgotten to mention is because of all the products I used to try and save my hair, I used so many that my hair has now got crazy dandruff. Like, it looks like it has snowed on my hair. So now I’m gonna have to sort that out too. I’ve been recommended Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the dandruff but if there are any others, please let me know in the comments.




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