I Was On A Roll With Coursework & Now I Can’t Roll

I seriously haven’t been able to concentrate lately and I have no idea why. Usually good, sunny, warm weather makes me feel super motivated but for the past week I just feel constantly tired. When I try and concentrate on coursework, I just can’t. I’ve literally been stuck on the same assignment for the past week.

It’s so weird to me though. I started this course in February as some of you (if you follow me) already know, and (some of you will also know) I’ve been on a roll since I started. I have until February 2018 to finish the course and I’m already over half way through. I’ve been doing unit after unit, assignment after assignment and getting 100% for each one. And now I’m stuck here just staring blankly at a notebook, no idea what to write or how to phrase anything decently.

Is this weather seriously ruining my focus?



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